Music in Africa: Uganda/GLI


Four of our CAM Ambassadors left for East Africa with a small team of faculty and staff representatives in partnership with the Global Livingston Institute this September. Follow their 8-day journey at the iKnow Concert Series through the blog posts below.


SEPT. 10 – DAY ONE       24 hour layover in Amsterdam

Annie: “Happy International!”

Ashley: “The Accidental Eurotrip”

Bella: “Lucky Layovers & Dutch Delays”


SEPT. 11 – DAY TWO       Travel Day: Amsterdam to Entebbe

No blog posts. Catch up with us on Day 3!


SEPT. 12 – DAY THREE       Recap: Travel & first day in Uganda

Annie: “Kampala, Masaka, & What the Heck Happened at Entebbe International Airport”

Ashley: “New Continent, Who Dis?”

Bella: “Past the Equator”

Lauren: “Africa Air”


SEPT. 13 – DAY FOUR       iKnow Concert Series in Masaka 

Ashley: “The Dirt Road to Safe Sex”

Bella: “Is This Really Happening, Or Is It Just The Malaria Pills?”

Lauren: “Mobilization & Condoms”


SEPT. 14 – DAY FIVE       Travel Day: Masaka to Kampala

No blog posts. Catch up with us on Day 6!


SEPT. 15 – DAY SIX       Music festival prep in Kabale 

Ashley: “Love is C-ish

Bella: “A State of Organized Chaos”


SEPT. 16 – DAY SEVEN       iKnow Concert Series in Kabale

Ashley: “Kabale Mud – I Mean – Music Festival”

Bella: “Music! Movement! Mud!?”

Lauren: “A Muddy Misadventure”


SEPT. 17 – DAY EIGHT       Recap: End of trip & overall experience

Annie: “Kabale, The Most Beautiful Place In The World”

Ashley:  “In Conclusion, Africa Rocks”

Bella: “Now Is Good”

Lauren: “I Wanna Go Back Immediately”