Learn more about CAM Ambassador Tyler Hensley through this Q & A!

Photo3-4What brought you to UC Denver, and specifically the College of Arts and Media?

I wanted to attend a school with a prestigious music business program, and CU Denver provided me with an opportunity to pursue my passions in blending music and philosophy.

Why did you want to become part of the CAM Ambassadors group? What do you think it will do for you and the school?

I aim to not only connect with people through my school that will be going, but also to represent myself in the industry and gain firsthand knowledge of how the industry stands currently and for the future.

What is your favorite part of being in the CAM program?

The CAM program allows me to pursue my goals in a fashion that values individuality. Personally, I enjoy the facilities on campus since they offer resources for ‘do-it-yourself’ musicians.

What is your favorite location to go to in Denver?

Capitol Hill area for sure. I like this area since there are many Mom and Pop shops that have individuality and character that you don’t find at the conventional shopping areas.

Where is your hometown?

Broomfield, CO

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Obviously anything that involves music, so let me change it up a bit. Something that is not music-oriented: biking, long boarding, hiking, eating international cuisine, and shopping around thrift stores for cool finds: especially books and CDs.

What concentration do you find yourself leaning towards the most? hy? When did you get started?

Music business is where I lean most towards. I find great value in understanding both sides of music – from the internal branding of a music entity to the creation of the music itself. I’ve always been captivated by seeing a music entity develop at all stages. I started my first semester this past fall at CU Denver.

What helps you get inspired?

Questioning the status quo and going beyond the boundaries that are invisibly set by society is my inspiration.

Do you have any rituals to get yourself motivated when you work?

Truly finding peace within myself by disconnecting from negativity and also finding beauty in the monotonous life that most people would not take the time to reflect upon.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jimi Hendrix. Jimi held a message of love and peace that still permeates today, especially through his incredible music.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for your art? Do you regret it?

Frequent random musical shows alone and go up and talk to stranger for pure networking. And, absolutely not, I do not regret a single person I’ve met in my ventures.

Do you think anything can be art? Explain.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so yeah – anything can be art when seen with the right kind of eyes.

Where is the best place to see art, in your opinion?

Underground musical shows that are under the commercial radar but are part of a growing movement of creative purpose.

Who is your favorite non-mainstream artist and why?

Ween, because they are a versatile duo that can play in almost any style and has a lot of fun doing so.

What is your favorite movie/film that you’ve ever seen?

Bruce Lee – “The Chinese Connection”

If you had to create a new crayon, what color and name would it be and why?

Booger Slime Green – specifically for all those kids out there that never truly got to color the boogers of a slimy green monster.

What would you say to yourself five years ago?

Keep working and follow your heart kid! This life can be difficult, but can be very rewarding if you stay committed to your goals.