Learn more about CAM Ambassador Ana González-Dorta through this    Q & A!

What brought you to UC Denver, and specifically the College of Arts and Media?

Since I can remember, I have been interested in the entertainment industry, more specially on filmmaking. Therefore, when the time came to search for universities to pursue my dream, I 1920343_10152834994697718_332817273449230327_nlooked for the one that would not only teach about the technical and theoretical aspects of filmmaking but also prepare me to make my own films while getting an education. I found that CU Denver College of Arts and Media was the program that was going to give me all what I was looking for.

Why did you want to become part of the CAM Ambassadors group? What do you think it will do for you and the school?

I wanted to be part of the CAM Ambassador group because I know that we have something amazing going on in our college, and I want to make sure that everyone knows about all the programs that we have to offer that helped me advance in my career and grow as an artist. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to network so I can learn how to improve my art and my school.

What is your favorite part of being in the CAM program?

I mostly love the many artists I get to meet and collaborate with in different projects. This is an amazing opportunity that I do not think I would have been able to get outside of CAM. I also love how each professor has previously worked in the industry, and some are still working, which really allows us to be prepared to go into the industry once we graduate from CAM.

What is your favorite location to go to in Denver?

I love going to Larimer Square, especially The Market. They have incredible sandwiches and delicious fruit tarts along with some other pastries and candy. It is just a great place to meet up or just hang out while doing homework or seeing people.

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Caracas, Venezuela, by the Caribbean Sea and the Avila Mountain. I moved to Colorado 6 years ago.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy coming up with different scenarios in my head that I could possibly make into shorts movies, watching movies/TV series, listening to music and coming up with a music video for them, baking, dancing and photography.

What concentration do you find yourself leaning towards the most? Why? When did you get started?

Within the filmmaking industry, I have found myself leaning towards directing, writing, editing and acting mainly because I love seeing the characters/story I envision come to life, getting lost in a new character or putting all the pieces together in a way that people can connect with the most. Doing all these things can really open your eyes to different points of view. I started acting when I was 6 years old, then editing when I was about 13, the passion for writing and directing came at the same time when I was 17.

What helps you get inspired?

Walking around town, seeing new things, experiencing new emotions, listening to songs, watching movies, hearing stories, reading the news; I find inspiration everywhere I go and all around me everyday. I feel self inspired and I am always pushing myself to do more.

Do you have any rituals to get yourself motivated when you work?

When directing a film I do not really have any rituals but when it comes to editing, I always like taking a long shower then eating a nice meal while watching TV first. Then I am completely relaxed and I am 120% focused on the editing process.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

At the moment, Alejandro González Iñárritu is a huge inspiration for me along with Emmanuel Lubezki, they have created a new norm of how movies should be made that are beautiful and inspiring; and they are also showing the world what Latinos can do. Another filmmaker that has been my inspiration throughout the years is Derek Cianfrance.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for your art? Do you regret it?

While filming my sophomore film, Diana, there was a scene were a little girl got a lot of fake blood splatter all over her and I had to come up with some phony story to let her know what was going on in the scene that wouldn’t traumatize the little girl. So I came up with a story involving a fairy that throws candy on little girls, I think that might have been more traumatizing for her… but I don’t regret it, at the end I got my shot and she was happy to be in a film.

Where is the best place to see art, in your opinion?

I don’t think there is a specific place; I think art is always around us we just have to allow ourselves to see it. You can walk around the city, go to a concert, a museum, or the movies and you will find art in all of those places. Anything, or almost anything, can be art because everything has its own unique beauty and story that can spark different emotions depending on the individual.

What is your favorite movie/film that you’ve ever seen?

This is my least favorite question. It is just so hard to just pick one when there are so many wonderful films. So I am not going to pick but I am going to say a few of my favorites: The Voices, Virgin Suicides, Blue Valentine, In The Bedroom, Inglorious Bastards, Drinking Buddies, The Lovely Bones, The Dark Knight, Devil Wears Prada, God Help The Girl, Dallas Buyers Club, and that is just the first few that came to mind.

What would you say to yourself five years ago?

I would have told myself to not set limits! If you want an internship or a job just go ahead and apply and destroy that thought in your head that you cannot or will not get it. You will never know if you don’t try!