Final Thoughts – Thank You All

My overall experience  was something more than I could ever imagine. I knew “Learn with Purpose” from working at the University, and being a part of our Alternative Break programs, but SXSW took that idea and expanded it into passion.

I want to go back every year, I want to collaborate with the best minds in the world, I want to be a embodiment of the people and places I go. With “Learn with Purpose” pushing me outside my comfort zone and applying to this wonderful opportunity, I have been able to scratch the surface of these ideas. My greatest personal take away is that this is life. I have a three-part blog that is almost questioning the reality of the situation, but I was able to immerse myself in SXSW. Immerse myself in education, and collaboration. More importantly, be able to convince that my life can be this rad and all the long nights, hard exams, and endless design conversations can eventually take me here.

My greatest takeaway as ambassador is that CU Denver fosters creativity, and achieves new heights. The connections at CAM specifically are relatable, and let us be honest, artists can only think like artists. Mostly, I am excited to share with my peers not my experience, but what we can do to create that experience on campus. Push us in innovation as well as stepping out of our comfort zone.

I spoke with Katey during the innovation awards ceremony, and I truly believe that any of our student thesis projects could be represented in that category. Our design program is amazing, but after meeting and talking with other ambassadors about their fields, I know that the sheer quality visions and brainpower we have can push CU Denver’s CAM in to national and international stages.


Below is am image of me holding a innovation trophy, I did not earn it, but I was bold enough to ask Jeff Wilson if I could take a photograph with him. It was his idea to stage the hand reaching in. After all, it is his hand and it is his trophy. Now there is no reason I cannot propel myself into his shoes. There is no reason any of our CAM students and faculty cannot be there either. Inspiration is what we are bring back, and innovation is what we will foster as we continue to “Learn with Purpose.”


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