That’s a wrap! SXSW Final Reflection

What an experience. Words cannot even describe how excited I am to have gotten to attend SXSW 2016 as both a representative of CAM and an aspiring flimmaker.

Throughout my time at SXSW I saw some incredible films, heard some great music, listen to some very inspirational speakers, networked with a wide variety of artists, and trough every experience I learned a little bit more about myself as a filmmaker and an overall artist.

Though I have taken away so much from this experience, I would have to say that my greatest personal takeaway is a new sense of inspiration for what can be done through the medium of film. For a long time I have been fighting my inner urges and obsessions to fix the problems I am seeing in the world around because many people tell me to remain neutral in the world, that denying things allows for a more comfortable life. After being at SXSW and seeing the work of so many incredible filmmakers and hearing new ideas and talking to so many creative people I realize that I am not alone in my desire to change the world. I now have a greater inspiration to pursue and expose the things that I see through film, and I truly think that SXSW was the spark that I needed to finally get me there.

As a CAM ambassador I want to share this creative freedom with my peers back in Denver. Our college education has provided us with the fundamental skills that we need to create films and I see potential in so many of my classmates to use those skills in the future and become filmmakers like the ones presenting work in SXSW. I think that a lot of my classmates need the same sort of spark that I got from being surrounded by so many artists and so many great mentors at SXSW, so I am excited to share that with them. On a more personal note, I am very excited to share with one classmate in particular, Derek Zen, who has incredible sound skills ranging from creating film scores to recording sound and overall sound design and is always eager to learn more about the craft. I happened across many sound people during my trip and have put them in contact with Derek and i am very excited to share my new knowledge of sound with him upon returning to Colorado.

SXSW was an incredible experience and I am excited to progress forward as an artist after having attended.


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