Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Possible

Today, on our final day, we left Austin to arrive back in Denver (from cloudy, foggy weather to even more cloudy weather!).  It was definitely sad to say goodbye to Austin, although I’m definitely looking forward to being in my own bed again!

This whole trip was more than I could have possibly imagined. I went in hoping for at least something solid I could put in my resume, not really knowing much about South by Southwest at all, and came back with so much more than I ever could have expected.

I was able to meet new people that I never would have met before, not only at the trade show and during events and panels, but within our own group as well. To have to ability and opportunity to get perspectives outside of my own and the other design students is so beyond helpful. I found other students that I’m excited to keep in touch with when I get back to school and continue collaborating with beyond South by Southwest.

The other students that came with us are so amazing, and I’m so glad to have made friends with them, as well as the staff that came along, who are extremely inspiring as well.  They are so encouraging and amazing and it’s so rare to find people who are so passionate and genuinely happy about their jobs and encouraging students to be the best they can be.

I can’t wait to bring my knowledge and experiences back to University of Colorado Denver and to the other design students as well. There are so many helpful resources and tips that we’ve come across on this trip, as well as contacts and possible internships and people who would be willing to collaborate with and mentor students.

Not to mention, I’ve had the ability to learn so much about my school that I never had before. I am so impressed with all that the College of Arts & Media does, which makes me love CU Denver even more than I did before. I can’t wait to continue helping in the future.

I am definitely not going to forget this trip any time soon. I hope that I can come back as often as possible in the future, whether I go with CU Denver or not. It was such a beyond amazing experience that I can still barely believe it was all real.

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