SXSW 2016, it’s a wrap!

First and foremost, I am so proud of our CAM students! It was a shear pleasure to work with these extremely talented, creative, smart and passionate young people. They were professional, accountable and an incredible representation of CAM and CU Denver. The future of the creative industry is looking very bright!

SXSW 2016 was a very inspiring and special trip for me in so many ways. I was so proud and honored to be able to attend on behalf of a school that is so dear to my heart. As an alumna of the MEIS program, it is an achievement to attend an industry event of this size, and sincerely share excitement about the future of our programs. I firmly believe that without my college experience with CAM, I would not be anywhere near the woman I am today. Now a full-time staff member and industry professional, I am honored to work with and mentor the new generation of creatives. Very fulfilling.

As a professional singer and promotor, I was beyond inspired by the local music scene. Although my main focus was working the trade-show booth to spread the good word about CAM, I was able to spend my breaks and off time checking out musicians from Austin and beyond. So much talent. I am on a mission to work AND play at SXSW next year.

This trip was one for the books. Look forward to many more.


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