DAY 6: Thank you.

I want to start today’s blog thanking the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts & Media for giving me such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. This was an opportunity that I did not take for granted. I was able to learn a lot about the industry and by watching many films, I have a better understanding of what it takes to make a great one and have gained tips that will be used in my films. Hopefully next time I attend SXSW I will be going with my movie.

I also learned the importance of just talking with everyone! You never know who is going to be the person to help you make your dreams come true. Usually the people that I least expected were the more inspirational and helpful. Networking is a very important aspect of our industry and I was able to do a lot of it during the festival, and it also helped me break out of my shell when it came to promoting myself. At the beginning I was really shy and unsure on how to approach people but by the end I was not afraid to give people my card and ask for theirs.

I am excited to share all of those aspects with my fellow students and the school as well as the importance of learning how to market our film after we are done. This is something really important to learn for us to be able to get our films out there, and it is also a great opportunity to have film students collaborate with the graphic design students on creating a poster. That leads me to one of the most important aspects of making any film, the collaborations that go into it. Filmmaking is all about collaboration and I think film students, visual art students and music students can benefit from collaboration with another. We should bring all of our programs together and help each other advance in each of our art!

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