Day 6: Agoraphobia, The Hooton Tennis Club, travel back to Denver, Summary

As the last night drew on, I was still hoping to catch a few bands and see what was going on. I caught an awesome all female band named Agoraphobia. The band was yet another great showcase of the many great female musicians in the scene today. I was blown away by the power of this five piece band. Though I only saw them for a few short moments, It was one of those groups that left a good impression on me. The rock and roll was alive and well with this group.

As I walked around the rest of the night, another group called Hooton Tennis Club caught my ear. Their style was a bit post rockish, and I enjoyed the vocal style by one of their guitarists. The lyric content was also fun and a great time to listen to. All in all I caught about six or seven new groups that I really liked. These artists are as follows: Emily Wolfe, Thought Tempo, The MOONLANDINGZ, The Octopus Project, Agoraphobia, and Hooton Tennis Club. I was happy to have a takeaway of new sounds and ideas of the current industry. including the music side and the business side. The whole trip was one that I will never forget. Now I am back home in Colorado, and I can sure say that I’ve missed it. It hasn’t been easy being away from the ones I love, but it has been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. As I got home, there was small snowflakes falling. It has been a crazy week, from travelling over a thousand miles to meeting industry professionals and new emerging artists. To all the other CAM Ambassadors, sponsors, and faculty: Thank you so much! It has been the experience of a lifetime.

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