Tuesday Muse Day

Today was a unique mixture of experiences for me. I started the day by attending an incredible talk by Gale Anne Hurd, a female icon in the industry and the master mind behind The Walking Dead, Alien, The Terminator and many more action and scifi films. She talked mainly about what it is like to work your way up in the film industry as a female and the obstacles that you almost always have to face in order to achieve your goals and maintain an effective level of respect. One thing I found particularly interesting was a story she told about her time as an executive producer for Fox, where she would hold casting sessions on her own for their television and film projects. She noted that almost all of the men who came in to audition asked where the producer was and assumed that she was a secretary. Often times when she told them that she was, in fact, the producer of the project many of the men were appalled by that statement. Anne had many stories along these lines and what I found the most inspiring and helpful was the way in which she addressed these situations. She said that it is important to remain calm, confident, and level headed when interacting with disrespectful people and that the confidence you have should be rooted in your advanced knowledge about the area that you work in.
I found this knowledge very useful because I often find that I am surrounded by men at school and in the filmmaking community in general. In fact, I am the only female in the web series class at my school. My biggest problem I have faced as a female is being ignored and interrupted by males on sets. And even in my web series class I have been called a bitch for trying to get my ideas heard. I am excited to go back on set having heard Anne’s advice about how to carry yourself in these types of situations. I was very inspired by the person that she is, how she presented herself to the audience, and how much she has achieved in her career.
I worked the booth during most of the day and made some interesting connections with people recruiting interns for their companies. Representing CAM has been a good networking opportunity for me in this way, as many of the recruiters are looking for college students and upcoming graduate students. It was also interesting to walk around the trade show and see all of the crazy cool stuff people are making. I made a connection with an inventor from Japan who makes tip collection jars for street performers. When the person puts the money in to the tip jar it begins blowing bubbles, which sounds ridiculous but is actually quite entertaining. I told him about the big street performance community in Denver, mainly on 16th street and I told him that I would tell my street performer friends to invest in these products. He said he would be happy to hire me to make him a commercial advertising his product in Denver and I took his information. I am learning quickly that it is important to stop and talk to as many people as I can because there can always be an interesting connection to be made.
I ended the day with some comedy by Doug Benson. It is always cool to see comedy acts because I think comedy is a very effective way to reach people and get them to connect with certain situations. Using comedy in my films might be an effective way to bring attention to the subject I am trying to tackle.
Today was fun, inspiring, and all that great stuff. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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