Trade Show and Innovation!

Today has been an absolutely crazy day!  I worked my second shift at the trade booth in the morning and made a lot of awesome contacts who are interested in our school or interested in interns, which has been amazing!

After the trade booth, I spent several hours networking and getting contacts in different parts of the industry – and in different parts of the world!  I exchanged more business cards than I can count and it was absolutely inspiring to be able to view all the truly amazing booths around the trade show.

Today I spent a lot of time at the booth (and walking around) contemplating how CU Denver can make theirs even more awesome in future years, as well as being so grateful about how amazing of a resource this has been, just from the CU Denver perspective (not even counting the extra learning and contacts!).  I’ve learned so much about the other programs from the other students on this trip, as well as so many parts of CAM that I’d never known about before.

After the trade show, I went to the Interactive Innovation Awards where one of my teachers was a finalist for the BB-8 Star Wars app.  It was a super great experience and learning about all the innovative ways people in our industries use design and tech to create new, exciting, and purposeful products and applications is super inspiring.  Also, the Art Nouveau/Steampunk branding was amazing!

Lastly, I tagged along with one of the music students and the other design student to see some bands play at a local venue.  While certainly not my normal scene (they seemed to focus on a lot of experimental Japanese music and other…loud music, while I tend to gravitate toward folk), it was definitely a great experience and I met a lot of super amazing people while there.  I even got a boa from one of the singers!

Definitely a super long but super great day!  I can’t wait for Wednesday!

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