Is This Life? PT 2 (Monday/Tuesday)

After an amazing panel from Pantone I had a break in my schedule. It was less of a break and more of an opportunity to go to the IBM exhibit. Earlier on Sunday I meet with one of the lead designers, and she invited me to talk more with her on Monday. Luckily she was there and I spent a good half hour talking about accessibility design and design for people with sight, hearing, and or touch issues. They had a bunch of bags that were concealing the items with in. You would have to blindly reach in and describe what item was in there. To me the object felt smooth and rectangular in shape. It did not have any bumps or grooves on it so I knew it was not a credit or debt card but could not tell what it was. It ended up being a hotel room key but I could not tell from touch alone which way it was facing and would be unable to unlock my room door with ease. At IBM they also had a VR bike simulator that would track your peddling to the reality you were in. Though it had a train in it that you had to bike across the tracks before it hit you. I made the experience less exciting because I wanted to spend more time in that world.

After IBM I went to two keynote speakers. The first was from Kevin Plank, The CEO of Under Armour. He spoke about how his little ole t-shirt company has grown, being the underdog, and strategically placing themselves in the market. It does not sound a lot about design at first but if there was one word to sum his discussion up, it would be brand. Brand. Everything he spoke was about his brand, was on brand, expanded the brand, and created brand strength. I did not even mean to sit through this panel, to be honest I was there for the next panel This panel ended up being one of the better experiences I had.

What I was really trying to experience was the JJ Abrams panel, The Eyes of Robots and Murderers. Coupled with Andrew Jarecki an American film director. The hype behind this panel made it that much more of a let down. It was not very informative to me. It did have a sweet trailer I am unable to talk about, and a live app demo. The app was Andrew’s so it felt like self-promotion, more then technological innovation.

To wrap my Monday up I wen to one more panel that was not ready for presentation and took the night to rest up and do some school work. All play is not what this trip is about, and I knew I needed energy for part 3(or Tuesday) of this saga.

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