Is This Life? – PT 1 (Monday/Tuesday)

I just want to start by saying this experience is so unbelievably educational, fun, and amazing. I would never have thought that this would be some type of fairy tale story. Many of my close friends know of the struggle it was for me to make it in the design program and the passion I had for it. On Monday I had the chance to really hit the panel circuits hard. From 9:30am to 6:00pm I was in a discussing about art, culture, branding, or overall design. It was like paradise.

Starting at 9:30am I saw the panel Why Gifs. One of the big debates of gifs is how you pronounce the word. IS it gif, or is it jif like the peanut butter. Many in the design and social media realm know the creator calls them Gifs with a “j” sound, like the peanut butter. The creator of Giphy, a pure gif website that Facebook, Tinder, and other sites use, Alex Chung spoke of how gifs are worth 60,000 words. Because if a picture is worth 1,000 words and a gif last roughly 60 frames (or 60 pictures) then a gif is worth 60,000 words. He also explained how because gifs are taking over culture, they are going to be part of every day speech. From text messages, to personal conversations, gifs will be used as a new dialect for younger generations. The photo to the left is how many of the keynotes are set up in the Austin Convention Center, to the right is me taking a rare selfie.

My next panel was at 11 and it was titled the Psychology of Color Theory for Better Design. Luckily Pantone held this panel themselves. If you do not pantone and call yourself a designer you are not a designer. They are the leader in color in the industry and decided the color of they year and the trends that are follow color through fashion, deign, and any arts. To start the panel they went over ever colors value and emotional response. This does not mean blue and all the name brand colors. This means blue, light blue, airy blue, sea foam blue, cyan, teal etc. through the whole color wheel. I did not know color till this panel. Not as well as I should have at least. At the end of the conference I came away with one phrase. Be Bold, be unique.

Part two of this blog post really follows this line of thinking.

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