DAY 5: Wait, Where did all the time go?

I cannot believe its our last day here in SXSW, it feel like just yesterday when we first arrived to the festival. But there is no time to be sad today! I want to try to see 5 films that I been wanting to see but haven’t had the time, again I still wish I could time travel I think it would be a great power to have for any big festival.


Today I once again woke up early to catch the SXXpress Passes, which we then learn there is no necessary to get up early for them because if you arrive there at 9:30AM you are still able to get the passes you need unless it is an extremely popular film. After getting my passes I showed up for my last short shift at the tradeshow were we set everything up and continue to inspire people to come to our amazing school. Today we had a few parents stop by saying that their kids are in high school and are very interested in studying an art! So obviously we talked a lot about our LYNX program were they can have their kids get a taste of what is like to attend CU Denver College of Arts and Media programs.


 Right after my shift I had to run to my first film! I went to see a Brazilian film called KILL ME PLEASE by Anita Rocha Da Silveira. What made this film very interesting to me is that various scenes start with the characters breaking the fourth wall (looking into the camera) and then not doing it again in the scene. What using that technique did for me was that it made the characters feel more real, like this is more than just a fictionally story; the characters were looking at me to make me aware that murders are a common event in Brazil. I am not sure if this is what Rocha Da Silveira was looking for but it for sure had a great impact in me, I wish she was there after the film so I could have ask her the motive behind that.

Then I went back to the Trade Show to take down out booth that was the moment went it hit me that we were really leaving.

After taking down the booth I went to see collective:unconscious which consisted of six different shorts based on dreams that each of the six directors have had. I enjoyed watching how each personal had their own take on representing others dreams and how very different each direction was from one to the other. Afterwards I wanted to see The Alchemist Cookbook but my body was on a different level of exhaustion so after a lot of debating I decided to take go to the room and take a nap so I can have energy to see the two other movies I wanted to see. I am really glad I did that because then I had the energy to see two incredible films: The Master Cleanse by Bobby Miller and I Am Hero by Shinsuke Sato.


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