Day 5: One more night!

Day five was one that I had to recover a bit for day four. I had a chance to sleep in a bit and also attend a few discussions. I was also to work the last trade show shift and pack the CU Denver trade show booth. The final day was upon me. I knew that it would go quick, but I also learned a lot in the process. I learned that music itself is still valued and paid for around the world, but the number of jobs available in the music industry is also small compared to how many people aspire to be working in it. Not only is this an obstacle, but money also only comes in by a job to job basis. It is easy to see that many people love music, but it is also easy to see that not everybody can make it in music. Not only is travelling very expensive, but there are many things that one must know in order to how music selling actually works. There are so many artists out there, from the present to the past and beginning of musical recording. That being said, from the listeners’ standpoint, there are a lot of great bands and artists playing tonight. I’ll be walking around Austin for one more great night of live music. After the past 5 days, I know I’ll be excited to go home and have a great day of making music. I look forward to that. It has been inspiring to have been in the midst of so many professional artists. My legs are definitely sore, but I’ll be writing about my experience for a long time. To everyone who has made this possible, thank you! You have helped me see the real world of music and a lot of tips about finding your voice amongst so many other artists. It’s time for me to go back out there to the land of live bands for one more excursion into the musical unknown.

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