Moday (just as fun)day

Monday started bright and early waiting in line for fast passes to headlining films then starting my first shift in the CAM exhibiter booth. Working in the booth was a great

networking opportunity for today, and I met several representatives from companies looking to hire interns for various areas of work in film and media production. I got to talk with the head of advertising for Starz in Denver and he showed interest in hiring a new intern to do some film and television reviews and marketing for the company. It was also rewarding to meet students from other film schools and talk about our experiences and share information, as those connections can be very helpful when you are making independent film and need a crew. It was also very cool to talk about CAM to prospective students and their parents. I found that the aspect of CAM that drew a lot of people in was the downtown urban location. That is one of the reasons that I attended UCD over other film schools so it was cool to see that other artists are also inspired by the city I love so much. I am looking forward to talking to more people during my shift tomorrow.
Later today I attended a talk with JJ Abrams, the founder of Bad Robot television studio and the cofounder and director Andrew Jareki. I took a lot away from this talk. The biggest thing they focused on was how to create content in a world where everyone has the access to technology that allows them to make media consistently. Because of this access it has become increasingly more difficult to create original content that has not been done already in some form or another. They stressed that the most influential filmmakers are the ones who take these current circumstances for filmmakers as a challenge, and work diligently to find that new idea that nobody has had yet. This talk actually gave me a lot of hope about my own writing and film ideas. I would love to take the challenge of inventing my own unique way to express the issues going on in the world around us, and also the great and beautiful things that are happening as a means of rising above those negativities.
Later in the night I attended “Slenderman” which is about two young girls who killed their friend in response to the popular Slenderman stories about a tall faceless man who promises children a place in his mansion if they make a sacrifice to him first. The film tackles subjects like mental illness and the easy access of the internet to the children of this generation and the detrimental effects that it is having. The film gave me great insight into effective storytelling in documentary films that allows the audience to have the most emotional impact and, in turn, think more about the subject present in their own lives.
I finished Monday by exploring Austin, talking to artists around town, and taking photos of the city and the unique people that are attending SXSW. I am very much honored to get to experience this festival and represent myself through CAM. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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