F*ck Dropdowns (and how to create online forms that don’t suck)

Today I got up bright and early and made it to a 9:30 panel called ‘You Know What? F*ck Dropdowns.’  The title itself told me that it should be a fun time, and I was not disappointed.  While most of the other panels I went to were full of good information, none have them have been as truly innovative (not to mention entertaining) as this one was.  The presenters were Golden Krishna, a Design Strategist with Google and Eric Campbell, a Production Designer at Rdio.


Their case against drop downs was a solid one, and it brought up a ton of great points that I’d never really considered before.  We get so used to certain mechanics and habit that we never truly really how crappy they are without them blatantly being pointed out to us.  Dropdowns simply have no place in our current design and UX/UI thinking, especially in a mobile-first world.  They gave us a list of about 30-40 reasons why dropdowns suck, but I won’t bore everyone with the details (if you’re interested, check out the slides from the presentation at fuckdropdowns.com!).

Ultimately what it came down to was that dropdowns take too much time, aren’t very useful, take up too much screen real estate, and we have so many better options.  Most dropdowns are unnecessary (asking for a “title” when filling out a form) or could easily be populated by GPS or other location software (country, state, zip code, etc).

20160312_181121_HDR (1).jpg

After a super great morning panel, I did my first shift at the CU Denver College of Arts & Media booth and was very pleasantly surprised.  As someone who’s generally pretty shy, it can take a little while for me to warm up to new situations (and my last customer service job was almost two years ago!), but I ended up having a super great time.  Everyone that I talked to was extremely friendly and I ended up making some great contacts (so much so, that I forgo going out to update my website in response to all the business cards I handed out!)

I’m looking forward to another great morning at the booth and can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

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