DAY 4: Have fun while learning. 

I really wanted to wake up early again to get the SXXpress Passes but little did I know that my body had a different plan for me, so I ended up sleeping in instead of getting up early. When I say sleeping in it means that instead of waking up at 6:30AM I woke up at 8:30AM, so still early but not as early as I wanted but I still was able to do everything I wanted to do today.
The first event that I attended was a panel called “Silent Beast: US Latinos Will Change Everything” with America Ferrera, Steven Benanav, Eric Ochoa, and Theresa Wyatt. In this panel we talks about how important it is that we get more Latinos involve in the Industry and also how important is the Latino vote for this coming election and future ones. By 2060 Latinos will be 30% of the United States population, so who come we are so under represented in the media? America Ferrera talked about how change will happen when the consumer really desires it, because at the end of the day Hollywood studios are looking to make movies that sell so as long as movies with not a diverse cast keep making more money that movies showing diversity we won’t see a change in the industry. Change is up to all of us and change does not happen from one day to the other, it happens inch by inch. Then the conversation got a little more political, which was to hear inspiring given that this was a subject that all of the speakers were passionate about this subject. One of the issues they spoke about was the cultural disconnect that can be found on the election process. The example used was the idea that voting won’t be a priority to a Latina that works all day to pay rent and feed her family. 

Furthermore Latinos might not feel involve in the process as a whole because of the constant lack of representation, so it will be important to come up with innovative ways to attract all the 26 million Latinos that are eligible to vote. Another point that was made during the time of the session is that more people are involve in this upcoming election that usually because fear and hate given certain president candidate constant hateful comments towards the Latino community and other races/religions. This panel was extremely educational and inspirational for me, I wish it could have been longer. 

Right after this I was lucky enough to have lunch with Steven Benanav, Eric Ochoa, and Theresa Wyatt and that was a great networking opportunity; I got all of their contact information! 

I then worked the CU Denver CAM trade show booth, and continue to inspired as well as inform people about the amazing programs we have at our school. I found very interesting how different the crowd is now that the Music part of SXSW is starting, but it was great to also see a bunch of new people that can definitely benefit from attending our programs in Denver.

Today was a more relax day over all, after the trade show I attended the Podcast Recording of “Doug Loves Movies” which was hilarious. It was very enjoyable to see something different were I could just relax and laugh for an hour or so. But right after I went to the Alamo Ritz the film that I was looking forward to the most, American Fable (Director/Screenwriter: Anne Hamilton). This film was the perfect representation of what I hope to make as a filmmaker, it was a great simple story told beautifully with an amazing production design and cast. I am still taking it all in so I will probably will have more to say about it in a few days, but I can say that this is definitely one of my favorite films I have seen so far and I really hope it gets distribution because I would LOVE to see it again and many more times after that. 


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