Sunday Funday

If I had to pick a word to describe today it would be “whoa” because each film that I saw blew my mind in its own unique way.

I started out at the documentary shorts where I saw a number of incredible documentaries including one called Love Bite, which featured an artist named Laura who uses charcoal to create disturbing and highly detailed black and white depictions of the world that is inside her head and the world that exists around her. Her unapologetic approach to art was highly inspiring and I had the opportunity to meet her after the film and give her my business card. I was very humbled by her story and the unique and brilliant way that she expresses her inner turmoil through drawing.

I later attended the narrative shorts, which enveloped me in a completely different world than those of the documentary shorts. Each film was very unique in its depiction of the subject matter it was tackling. These subjects varied from suicide, steamy romance, dealing with the death of a loved one, growing up, falling in love, falling out of love, and many more circumstances that exist in the realm of human emotion.

Yesterday I was talking about my struggle to choose between documentary and narrative film making, but after seeing all these films and listening to the filmmakers talk about their experiences I think I want my films to be an effective mixture of both mediums. I think that combining the documentary aspects of real world issues with narrative film’s ability to pull the audience in through more abstract modes of storytelling and character development would be a really interesting experiment for me to do in my future films.

With these ideas swimming in my head after the two sets of short films, I attended a talk about the ever changing technology used to make films. In the talk two directors talked about adapting in film since the early days of shooting on actual film to the world and digital film making and furthered to share their predictions about the things that flimmakers in my generation will have to adapt to in the next decade. I have been known to be someone who is stubbornly attached to the old ways of doing anything, from my over sized dinosaur of a laptop, my much too recent change from a flip phone to a smart phone, and my love for anything pre-2000’s. With that being said, I am always a little apprehensive about the almost incomprehensible plans for technology in the future. However, this talk was effective for me in the way that the directors talked about how they were also a little apprehensive even during the switch from film to digital, but they are so grateful now for the things that digital filmmaking has allowed them to do. This talk taught me that it is really important to keep up with new technologies and have the ability, as a filmmaker, to tell the story no matter what tools you have to make that happen.

After attending this talk I attended the premiere of “Hardcore Harry”, the perfect film to demonstrate what a filmmaker can do given with new technology. The film was shot entirely from a first person perspective so that the audience felt as if they were inside of a video game as the character. There were incredible action sequences made possible by the invention of a head mount for a GoPro camera. The cinematographer demonstrated the head strap in the Q&A and talked about the other cameras and stunt work that made the film authentic and exciting.

I am still thinking about all of the exciting things I was exposed to today, and I can’t wait to experience more tomorrow!

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