It would be the understatement of the century to say that SXSW is massive. Despite the overwhelming and endless options of sessions, panels, keynotes, shows and parties, the ambassadors have been doing a great job with planning out their day. They’ve been seeing and doing as much as possible, but yet carefully balancing their time so as not to overdo themselves. It’s been amazing to catch up with them between sessions and events to hear their excitement about topics and people they are meeting with.

From virtual reality demos to up-and-coming musical acts, these students are experiencing it all. They’ve heard from mainstream and independent filmmakers and directors, rubbed elbows with celebrities and CEOs and have even scored a few internship offers and potential consulting gigs. Amazingly, they’ve soaked in this personal experience while eagerly and brilliantly representing the College of Arts & Media. These amazing student reps have clocked in more than 200 interactions and contacts during the first two days of the Trade Shows – and those are only the names they were able to capture!

Watching these students in action is something else. They confidently spew facts about the college and enthusiastically talk about their own experience. They’ve been recruiting students and talked to parents and educators about the Lynx Camp. The best part – they’re genuine in establishing these connections with strangers. One might say it’s the common thread of creativity that makes these connections easy to come by, but I’d argue that there’s much more at play – these students genuinely care about what they’re doing and WHERE they are doing it. They love CU Denver and CAM.

 One of the best things about SXSW is the potential and possibilities it presents. The ambassadors are learning about the endless potential their creativity can afford them and the possibilities of blending industries (creative, tech, medical, etc.). You can just hear how eager they are to bring back all of this newfound knowledge.

The possibilities are endless and, with the level of intelligence and talent these student possess, the probability for success is high. SXSW is definitely reinforcing this in our ambassadors.



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