Day 3: I wish I could Time Travel. 

The plan today was to see as many films as I could and to see Seth Rogen talk. 
Today, I woke up at 7:30AM because of two reasons: First, I wanted to get SXXpress Passes for a few movies that day so I did not have to stand in line for an hour or so which could have been an hour I could have been attending a different film. By getting the pass I only have to be in the venues 30 minutes before show time that made my busy schedule for the day way easier to handle. Second: this goes along with the first part but I was in desperate need to get the SXXpress pass for Preacher because the directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were going to be here as well as the cast consisting of Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun. I enjoy Seth Rogen work so it was a great opportunity for me to listen and see two successful filmmakers talking about their experience with this project.

It’s probably not much of a surprise but I was able to get the SXXpress tickets! Happiness. 

Then at 10:00 AM I had my first shift in our booth at the Trade Show. This was one of the aspects of this trip that I was looking forward to because I am really thankful of all the training I have gotten from CAM and I was looking forward to inspire other people to attend our innovative and modern program that keeps improving even more each year. It was also an opportunity to talk to a variation of people that I probably would have not talk to if I did not had the opportunity to be in our booth. I was able to network for the school and for me as well, I was really excited to find people interested in going to our school or even going to CU Denver CAM to talk with the students. 

After my shift I was able to see the screening of the AMC new series pilot Preacher (directed by Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg), Semana Santa (directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella), War on Everyone (directed by John Michael McDonagh) and the documentary Beware the Slenderman (directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky); I sadly missed the last film I wanted to go to for the night. I went from one film to the next with usually only 45 minutes to get into the showing. 

After the showing of Preacher I was able to see the directors, writer, actors and the comic creator talk, the one thing that stuck with me from them talking is that even when you are famous you will have to encounter many people that will try to shut down your ideas with a no, but if you really want it you have to keep trying non stop. Seth mention that he has been wanting to make the comic Preacher come to life for a few years now. Watch the show when it comes out on AMC May 22nd after the season finale of The Walking Dead

Beware the Slenderman was a disturbing beautiful documentary that tells the story of the two 12-year-old that tried to kill their frim on the name of the Slenderman. This films explains who is the Slenderman, it shows the girls as they go on trial while showing all the different sort of emotions that their family members are feeling. One of the best things about this film was the editing that Gladys Mae Murphy, it was wonderful done with some great montages of what you can find about the Slenderman in the internet and also a smooth transition from the interrogations of the two girls to the present. I really enjoy seeing her work, plus it is nice seeing fellow female editors standing out. My only issue with this film was the length, I think there are a few things that can be cut out. Whoever I still recommend people to see it, it says a lot about our society obsess with the internet and how we attack people with mental illness instead of proving them with help. 

So many amazing films but not enough time to see them all. If someone would ask me right now what superpower I wish to have I would say time travel. 

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