DAY 1:Traveling South but not West. 

(Because we are going from Denver, CO to Austin, TX)    

 I can’t believe the day is finally here! As we all sat in the Denver International airport waiting for our flight to SXSW to start boarding Kelly, David and I talked about all the amazing speakers, films and sessions that we are going to be able to see this weekend. There are so many great events to attend and not enough time for all of it, so today’s focus was to get my schedule down that way I can take full advantage of this one in a life time experience that CAM has given me. I had a few screening and sessions that o defiantly want to attend, between them I have on my schedule Demolition that is showing tonight at 9:30PM! It’s a film directed by the one and only Jean-Marc Vallée, who is one of my favorite directors, he has also directed films are Dallas Buyers Club and Wild. I can not wait so see him, Bryan Sipe (the writer of the film) and Jake Gyllenhaal later tonight, really hope that one of them will be walking around so I can get a chance to talk to them.I am also looking forward to seeing films from Korea, Brazil, Mexico and other countries; each culture brings something different to filmmaking and I am excited to be able to learn from all these different films with very different stories. One of the other event I am really interested on attending “Silent Beast: US Latino Will Change Everything” and meet Theresa Wyatt whose work with the Latino community is an inspiration.

I am just thrilled and grateful to be able to attend South by Southwest and I can’t even begging to imagine all the knowledge I am going to gain from this experience, it is going to be a joy to be able to share this new knowledge with all my other classmate. I think this will be a great place to grow as a filmmaker and stablish great connections that will open many doors for my future. SXSW here I come!

 UPDATE: David, Kelly and I were able to attend Demolition and saw Jean-Marc Vallée, Bryan Sipe and Jake Gylenhall speak after the showing. It was incredible to hear what went into creating such an emotional, funny and powerful film. Whenever this film comes out I strongly recommend to go see it.

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