LET’S PAAAARRRRtake in Learning!

South by Southwest is a Film, Music, and Interactive design festival in Austin Texas. It is one of the leading festivals to show innovation and new ways to use technology. Many creatives from across the nation and internationally come to SXSW to learn, network, and more. To give you an idea about how large of a festival it is, President elect Barack Obama was one of the keynote speakers to start the festival this year.


I have been given this wonderful opportunity to be one of six College of Arts and Media Ambassador for CU Denver this year. I will be able to partake in the festivities and see how my digital design degree is being applied in the real world. At SXSW there will be talks on the brandings effect through social media, what it means to create epic things, to virtual/augmented reality exhibits. I expected it to be an amazing trip and experience. For myself design is life. I did not know it when I was younger. To be a “designer” was not really an occupation yet. I have always enjoyed looking at how new technology is being implemented in the world. I have also enjoyed how an environment affects oneself. I am of the generation where smart phones have be come everyday items versus, technologically a huge advancement. I remember being four years old at Christmas time and having the opportunity to play Pokémon on a Gameboy. I can now play the very same game off my phone thousands of feet in the air as Bluetooth streams the music into my ears. I feel lucky to experience this moment now, and even luckier to have this opportunity.


Daily I will be posting photos of design, both good and bad. Today there is the garden installation in Terminal C of DIA, a terrible Kerning job of amazing person, well placed donation box for a good cause, and unknown mural in Austin Airport.

Let me wrap this up first blog post by thanking some very important people in my design journey so far.

My mother, love you mom

My close family

My best friend Steve

John Gamble

Jordan and Anya Adams

William Clark

My professors at CU Denver

Fellow designers in our program, you are all wonderfully in your unique ways.

Nelson Rodrquiez

Avery Balano

Megan Frewdalt

Joe Halter

Edgar Allen Rivera

Kira Viola

Josh Blair

Fellow CU Denver Office of Student Life, student staff

My Alternative Breaks family


Thank you all. NVP

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