Day 2: I need coffee. 

Today was so incredibly chaotic and amazing. I was able to watch 14 shorts films, 2 sessions and one feature film but I wish I could have seen so much more. Sadly, my body is not used to all the walking around that is involved in making it to all the different events I wish to attend.

Today I felt so inspired not only because the amazing films and speakers I saw but also I found inspiration of all the different people I had the pleasure of speaking with while we were waiting in line. They all had an incredible passion for the art and offered great film critiques. I was also lucky enough to talk with Javian Ashton Le the director of the short Dastaar; which was a film about the islamophobia right after 9/11. Another director I had thee great pleasure of speaking with was Janicza Bravo who was here presenting the world premier of her film Woman in Deep, I was able to relate to her a lot because of her desire to travel in search of inspiration causing her to find/come up with such interesting stories. She was the first person I gave one of my cards to! Woot. After that I felt more comfortable giving it to people.

I attended the new Film Conference called the 90 minute Film School that consisted of six 15 minute presentations. This 90 minute conference taught me about some aspects of filmmaking that unfortunately our school doesn’t teach, but I think it should be added into our curriculum. The aspects I am revering to are: Marketing, how to apply to festivals and what festivals should you submit your film to, and distribution. These are the aspects that I believe students can really benefit from because it will teach them how they can take their film to a new level, and maybe be the next Whiplash. On marketing Tiffany Pritchard taught the importance of having a good poster with a good imagine, she highly recommends having photographers in sets so there is no need of taking still from the footage; the poster should also be created thinking about your target audience and also how very important is to have a well done social media page/website. Bryan Glick gave us a quick DIY on how to correctly submit to festivals with the do’s and dont’s. Then, Erik Anderson took us step by step on digital distributions and help us understand when you should and when you should sell to distributors.

Lastly, today I was also able to make it to a Meet Up were I got to meet a fellow Venezuelan filmmaker, Andres Faucher, who is working on this amazing new website called Colaborator that will help studios and filmmakers having access to any crew that you need. It’s a place were you can introduce yourself to other filmmakers and apply for positions people are looking for.

Today was a beautiful and educational day in Austin and I am looking forward to see what else this trip will teach me!

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