Sunday was the first real day that we are able to experience SXSW. In the afternoon I have a couple different events I want to go check out. One is title 50 Shades of Green Diversity in the Environment, about sustainability and designs application in a social context. My kind of party!

Last night was really when the SXSW experience started. Pictured above are some of the unique experiences. After settling into our room and setting up our tradeshow booth, along with receiving our passes a couple of us ambassadors went out to explore Austin. Katey, Elysia, and myself were hungry after the flight and setting up so we walked deeper into the city. Within blocks there was a Mr. Robot corner, featuring food trucks, a ferris wheel and people all wearing anonymous like masks. I strolled in grabbed a handful of masks from a employ and abruptly stopped. I want to just take in the atmosphere and chat with my fellow ambassadors about how crazy this all is. When I looked back I saw them still standing on the outside of the event. They saw the long wait line… I kind of just walked in. Did not even see the line. I politely walked back out to greet them and joked with the lady in charge of the door, about the whole situation. I was not allowed back in but I did get a free mask out of it. After that adventure we found ourselves at a Po boy shop/bar. I real whole in the wall restaurant occupied by pedi cab drivers. It felt right to eat there, and after waiting so long the found was just perfect. I had a fried chicken po boy with pickles tomatoes and coleslaw. If you are in Austin try Turf N’ Surf Po Boy. After eating we headed back to the apartment and I did some homework for the week. That did not last long after my new fiend and roommate Tyler wanted to scope some of the venues in the city. After one long walk down to East 6th street we found our selves in street art heaven. Caught a quick show and walked back. On the way the street were alive and shows were going on all over. We settled on trying to find Cheer Up Charlies, a place a local suggested earlier. Walking up and going through a quick line I could hear the band playing Human by The Killers, one of my favorite bands. I knew it would be a good show from there. Once in we walked up to the sound guy and found out it was a band called Smallpools. I just bought their album last week and but them in my music to watch for list. Everything aligned perfectly and we caught the last half of the set. Perfection of a night.


I will post again tomorrow about the panels, trade show floor and other happenings from today. I am so grateful for this experience, and cannot believe some of the innovation, and design I am seeing here.

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