Heading Out!

After spending the last few days alternating between excitement and nervousness, I’m beyond excited to be actually getting on the flight and heading to Austin.  Armed with some freshly printed business cards to tackle the networking aspects and a new (working!!) laptop to get all my assignments done, I’m feeling prepared and ready to go!


South by Southwest is such an impressive event that just the few people I talked to on the plane were discussing it (even if they weren’t attending).  President Barack Obama is in attendance and there are more artists than I’ll ever be able to remember.  Simply being in that kind of environment sparks creativity and collaboration and I know it will inspire and move me.


I’m thrilled to be given this amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me, over the course of this next week and beyond.  After talking to people who have been in the past, I’m expecting a lot of crowds and a lot of information, which I’m extremely excited to soak up.  The part I’m most excited about is probably the networking aspect, which is going to be a personal challenge for someone as shy as I normally am, but it’ll be great to step out of my comfort zone in an environment where talking to strangers is not only accepted but encouraged.

I can’t wait to attend all the events in my schedule, from learning about the importance of realism in film (which translates a lot to design and interactive) to panels giving young creatives the best tips for moving forward with their creative careers.

After only the first day and night, I’m even more excited than I was this morning (which was already pretty excited) and I have my alarm set for early tomorrow morning to get as much out of each day as I possibly can.

Looking forward to the rest!!


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